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Surviving Pets Program

Finding your beloved animal companion the best guardian when you can no longer care for them is important to us.

If you cannot imagine life without your pet, imagine your pet’s life without you.

Sometimes there just isn’t a friend or family member able or available to carry out this most important promise. To consider arrangements for your pets’ care should you predecease them, please contact us to discuss our Surviving Pets Program. In the event of your death, we will provide loving care for your pets while we work to place them permanently in the best possible home.

HSCO has supplied a Bequest Form and Pet Profile to help you provide for your pet(s) in the event of your death. The Pet Profile requests detailed information to assist us in finding your pet the best home possible. Please use a separate sheet for each Pet. In addition, we have provided sample Surviving Pet language to use within your will, trust or other estate papers to provide for the welfare of your surviving pets.
Download the Pet Profile here.
Download the Bequest Form here.

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